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Squirrel Feeder - #G-503

Mounted Squirrel Feeder - #G-504

Condo Birdhouse Planter - #G-507
A must for a backyard ornament. Approx 69" in height and planter box is approx 20" x 20" x 10". 
You can paint to a desired color with your acrylic paints.   Have fun!


A-Frame Birdhouse - # G-506
Approx 12-14" in height. 

Cowboy Boot Birdhouse - #G-501


Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder - #G502 & G502A
Includes Pattern for Sunflower Seed Catcher


Gift Wrap Holder - #G-505
Great project to hold up to 21 rolls of gift wrapping paper. 
 Caddy also stores ribbon, scissors and bows. A real space saver for any household and easy to carry.


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