Connie's Stitch/Applique Patterns

ALL APPLIQUE PATTERNS $5.00 plus 30% shipping/handling

#609 - $5.00
"There's no place like...."

#610 - $5.00
This is so fun......add an old photo of your family and pin in to the applique with a safety pin. I switch my photos every couple of months. It's fun to see the old pictures from way back............enjoy!

#607 - $5.00
"Enjoy Home"

#606 - $5.00
"If God brings you to it...."

#601 - $5.00
"We need to talk...God"

#602 - $5.00
"God answers knee mail"

#603 - $5.00

#604 - $5.00
"Your Favorites" Scrapbook
This is a fun one to do. You can attach any script, scrapbook sticker, or type your favorite saying and just pin or stick to the applique. The photo shows a sticker with "Family". I change mine every month.

#605 - $5.00
"It's a hoppity day..."

#608 - $5.00


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